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Target Medical (Pvt.) Ltd is fully registered and licensed to perform a multitude of services in the healthcare and medical sectors. To enable us to service both the public and private sector, we are registered with the Procurement Authority of Zimbabwe in all relevant medical service categories. We submit competitive bids in response to tenders put forward by both private and public hospitals. In our effort to be environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprint we do not carry an inventory; rather, we supply equipment and products upon acceptance of our bids. In the public sector, we service government funded district hospitals located in the provinces of Zimbabwe with lower population density. In the private sector, along with responding to hospital tenders, we offer a broader range of services including but not limited to; general practice consultations, dermatological consultation with our in-house specialist, focusing primarily on clinical and infection-related dermatology practice.

Our Mission

Target Medical PVT (LTD) endeavors to provide local medical institutions with the highest quality equipment and supplies in their mission to provide quality healthcare to the citizenry of Zimbabwe.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the prominent supplier and manufacturer of medical devices, supplies and equipment across the continent of Africa. To be the continental leader in providing healthcare inputs and supplies and in empowering Africa to become completely self-sufficient in servicing all its residents.


Not Only Do We Exist, We Foresee

Operational Strategy

Our initial focus will be on servicing district hospitals in the lower density provinces of Zimbabwe. We will respond to tenders supplied by hospitals and submit competitive bids. We will not carry an inventory; rather, we will purchase all products requested on the tenders provided by the hospitals upon acceptance of our bids.

Our suppliers will have to meet all criteria defined by the hospitals, the Ministry of Health, and all other relevant the medical governing bodies of Zimbabwe. By ensuring future and consistent business, we will negotiate low prices that will allow us to provide reasonable low bids for the hospital tenders. Suppliers will be local and international depending on the need. Extra effort will be made to purchase as much as we can from local suppliers to do our part in helping proliferate the Zimbabwean economy.

To submit the most competitive bids and establish ourselves as a legitimate supplier for hospitals, we will sell all products at cost and charge a fixed administrative fee. We will revise our pricing model once a reliable supply chain has been established and we begin to expand.

A look into the long-run

Financial Strategy

We will be privately funded to start our operation. Once we have established a reputation as a reputable firm aiming to provide invaluable service to the citizenry of Zimbabwe, we will seek additional funding from the government such that we may expand our operation across the nation.

We will identify the products that we can supply on the hospital tenders and submit a bid. Once our bid is accepted we will then purchase the products and deliver them to the hospitals. All revenue and profits will be used to supply the next tender.

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